Tomer and Sandra Sisley, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez… These couples who are reforming

They met, loved each other and then separated… But, after a more or less long period of time, one day, the spark that bound them suddenly reignited…

SGetting back in a relationship with an ex… a fantasy doomed to failure? Jean-Jacques Urvoy, psychoanalyst and couple therapist, does not think so, on the contrary. ” In life, there are separating events that impact loves to the point of undoing them.. Once the distance taken, the annoyance can fall and we can get closer to the other. There is then no problem going back with an ex from the moment you are in his desire. »

This is what Sandra Sisley, director of the event agency Sandra & Co, founder of the Be brand and organizer of the Talon-Pointe women’s rally, lived by reconnecting with his childhood sweetheart, actor Tomer Sisley. She shares her story with us: I met him in 2000, at 26, in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival at a party. I was a waitress, he was a rookie comedian. As soon as I saw him, I fell madly in love with him. After two or three months, he asked me in marriage but I was afraid, I was not ready. After a year, I did something stupid. He left me, I was heartbroken. Then we got married and we each had children on our side. We had to wait until May 12, 2016 to meet again. He was single, I was recently divorced. In the meantime, I had become the boss of my box and open to a story. He thought he was closing a chapter that he had never quite closed when he saw me again. In fact, we felt for each other the same physical attraction, the same surge of love as in our youth. The first evening of our reunion, in shock, we did nothing. A month after Tomer proposed to me. On November 25, 2017, I said yes to him and my life came together. We had missed each other. When I thought about him the whole time we were apart, I felt like I was indulging in a guilty pleasure. Today every night, when I fall asleep, I know that I am in my place. He is 47 years old, I am 48, professionally we are stronger together. In our lifetime, it felt like we had gone to a gourmet restaurant and taken the starter without ever having tasted the dishes. It’s been six years that we live a love of youth in an adult body. »

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A point of view that the world champions of blowback, Ben Afflek and Jennifer Lopez would not deny, whose smashing comeback in love has been commented on internationally. These two met for the first time in 2001 to initially form one of the most iconic couples of their time. She’s a pop star, he’s a young Hollywood debut. The duo is nicknamed bennifer by the press which tracks them down to the engagement with a six-carat pink diamond in support. But in September 2003, whammy, their marriage was canceled and in January 2004, the breakup was formalized.

Five months later, J-Lo married singer Marc Anthony with whom she had two children. In 2005, Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner who became the mother of his three toddlers. Game over ? Not really. Becoming single again in February 2020, Ben Affleck praises his ex with the New York Times: I have a lot of respect for the person she has become. “. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is going through some ups and downs with her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez when, in February 2021, Affleck launches an offensive to woo her via emails after splitting with actress Ana de Armas, 16 years old. younger. He is 49, she is 52 and breaks up with Rodriguez… the story picks up where it left off, but better. The actor just proposed to the singer in April, offering her an engagement ring. J-Lo notes on Instagram 20 years later, it happened again “, before adding ” It’s as if my most beautiful dream came true. »

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Reconcilable differences

What upset the ex of these people who can be considered as a parenthesis … disenchanted. Jean-Jacques Urvoy specifies: “ The main thing is to assume with loved ones, such as children or friends, who may have felt obliged to take sides during a breakup.. This was the case for actor Patrick Dempsey separated from Jillian after fifteen years of marriage in 2015, divorcing the time of a carbine midlife crisisbefore changing their minds six months after having communicated on their “ irreconcilable differences “. He will comment on his about-face as follows: Our marriage wasn’t something I was willing to let go of, I didn’t feel like we had done all the work.. Seven years later, he and Jill are still in love. Same story for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. After four years of “on and off” love story, they choose to separate in March 2011. A press release comes out to signify their breakup: “ They remain friends and continue to have the highest level of love and respect for each other. “. Finally, weddings in Italy in October 2012 will seal their duo. Morality? In 2022, nothing prevents you from recontacting Eric, your great terminal B love.

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