Toni Costa revealed the plans he has for this Christmas, he will spend it in the company of his ex Adamari López and his daughter Alaïa | Famous

Despite ending their relationship, the dancer Toni Costa Y Adamari Lopez they still have a good connection, proof of this was returning to the dance floor where they met again.

Faced with the situation they are going through, the famous have only one objective: to see for Alaïa, so both have organized to offer a worthy Christmas celebration to the little girl.

Toni confessed how the celebration will be, in addition to sharing details about the important date.

Who will Toni Costa spend Christmas with?

The Spanish said in front of an interview with ‘Mezcal TV’ that he will spend that day in the company of Adamari LopezWell, she wants her daughter to “feel like nothing has changed”.

“Just like we did all these years, we are going to spend Christmas Eve together, we are going to be opening the presents so that she feels like nothing has changed, so to speak.”

When asked about the plans he has for the last evening of the year, Toni replied that he is still not clear on how he will dismiss 2021.

“On New Year’s Eve I don’t know, we’ll see. New Year New Life. For Christmas, they know that Alaïa is the person who is always present. Adamari and I are doing a good job with her so that she does not feel that family absence and we are always united, in contact, in communication so that she is always as focused as possible ”.

Toni spoke if he is in love

Following their separation, the 38-year-old dancer has been seen in various rumors about a new love affair. However, he himself has been in charge of denying any type of information that is leaked through social networks.

“I always have my heart in love. They are gossip and I don’t like to get into it, because I don’t want to feed something that people do that have no respect for people. I don’t want to get into that. “

On the other hand, the ex of Toni Costa She has also remained in a position when being questioned about a possible reconciliation, after seeing them on the dance floor in the company of the little daughter they have in common.

In an interview with ‘People in Spanish’, the famous one said that Toni “will always be part of the family.”

“Our cycle as a couple ended, but he will always be part of the family because he is Alaïa’s father.”