Toni Costa reveals what was one of the things that “cooled” his relationship with Adamari López

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- The Spanish Toni Costa revealed what was one of the things that led to end his relationship with the presenter Adamari López.

The couple, who announced in May 2021 that they were ending their relationship of more than 10 years, never revealed the causes that led them to put an end to it. However, it was in some statements by the dancer during his participation in “The House of the Famous” who told what happened.

Costa was talking to Ivonne Montero and Laura Bozzo about what happened and confessed that one of the problems was that his daughter Alïa dhe slept with them in the same bed since he was born.

We started with the typical one like a crib so it’s like in bed and then there was a crib, but that was as a newborn, next to me because I was the one who gave her all the bottles at dawn and was by my side. Then, from there it was time to move her to her crib, which was in another room and that never happened, so she stayed with us in the middle”, he counted.

Toni confessed that to date her daughter continues to sleep with her mother, but stated that she hopes that in the future the girl will demand her own personal space.

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I think that Alaïa is going to ask for it at some point: her moment, her privacy, her little thing… She has done it once when I have gone home that maybe Adamari has been on a trip, I go home and sleep at home, but I sleep in Alaïa’s room with her. But she has always been in between. And I know that this was one more thing of the things that one does (separating), yes, because if you want intimacy you look for any other time or place that perhaps is not yours either and is so ideal for intimacy”, he commented.

The Peruvian who listened attentively to Toni’s statements affirmed that this is fatal for a couple.

The Zumba expert also confessed that with Adamari they were aware of what happened, so they sought professional help.

Yes, fatal, fatal and we knew it but it was stronger who wanted the girl to be there”, Costa said.

There is a barrier in the middle that, even if that barrier is your baby, it is still a barrier, which unites you –because it unites you for life, but what is useful to two adults, a couple, must be fed (. ..) You look for how to feed it, but it’s not the same anymore because you look for any place, moment, this, that… Yes, it’s fun, but there are things that are basic”, he added.

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