Toni Costa says he was not unfaithful because he and his girlfriend were already single | Famous

Toni Costa has been criticized and attacked by some after having made public his courtship with Evelyn Beltrán, because there are those who believe that the Mexican was the third in discord in her separation with Adamari López, as well as him in the breakup of the “influencer” with her ex-partner, Timbo Domínguez.

The Spaniard explained that they were both single when they started dating: “I come to meet Evelyn in a class in August, the relationship starts like september and I with Adamari our relationship ended at the end of Aprilthen it was five months that I was single and Evelyn came into my life, “he said about the beginning of his romance in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

He stressed that neither of them committed infidelity with their respective ex-partners: “With this I leave the issue settled here that on his part she didn’t get into my relationship because I didn’t even know herat the same time that I for my part in her relationship neither because she was already separated“.

The dancer said happy with Evelyn and assures that both have a clear conscience: “We have been a few months now, you know that in love there is no time. We are very happy, we are very calm and with a very clear conscience that we’ve done things right.”

Timbo Domínguez says that Evelyn Beltrán was unfaithful to him

Timbo Domínguez, Evelyn’s ex-partner, recently gave his version and assures that the relationship with the mother of his son ended because he was unfaithful with Toni Costa .

“I did everything I could to keep my family and relationship together as family is very important to me. The only reason she could give me (her) was that she was no longer happy. It wasn’t until October that I found out about the infidelity“he told People en Español recently.

Does Evelyn Beltrán know Toni Costa’s daughter?

The Mexican and the Spanish have been in a relationship for a few months, for which Alaïa already knows about Evelyn’s existence in his father’s life. However, he still doesn’t know her.

“We are in times when Alaïa knows a little more,” Costa told ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ and explained why his daughter and her partner have not met.

“Even though she knows I have a girlfriend. Let’s see how we can approach that so that it’s the least possible impact for her and obviously it’s not time for Alaïa to meet her in person, all that will come little by little”, explained the Spaniard in the interview.