Toni Costa talks about Adamari and reveals who decided to finish

The Spanish dancer is participating in a reality show and it was there that he released all the intimate details; something for which he received many signs of support from the followers.

When they announced to the world that their relationship had come to an end, neither of them delved into the details. However, a year after that news, Toni Costa decided to break the silence and tell the world what was behind his breakup with Adamari López.

The Spanish dancer is participating in the reality show “The house of the famous 2” which is broadcast by the Telemundo network; and it was there that he saw fit to blurt out all the intimate details.

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In such a way that Ada’s ex exposed how the last months of coexistence were and went further by saying who was the one who made the decision to end their love story.

“A relationship doesn’t end overnight, it deteriorates until it reaches a point where you can’t do anything anymore. You may have worked, tried, forced, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s been 10 years of many things that are accumulating”, Toni told his other companions of the reality show.

Despite his explanation, Niurka, who also participates in the show, questioned him about who left the house and who made the decision to break up. “I left home, we decided that and that’s it, because her house was her house, it wasn’t mine,” argued Toni.

“And who said ‘sweetheart, we’ve come this far?'” the Cuban asked her. To which Toni responded directly “It was her and I accepted it.”

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As expected, the reaction of the public was immediate and some were in his favor. “He has to give his version, there is nothing wrong with that, no matter who she is, he is telling his truth”, “He is super polite and humble, and he is very happy with his beautiful girlfriend, in fact he has never been so cute and motivated, he is at his best without a doubt”, and “He seems like a gentleman to me, who speaks everything he has to say. It was about time I did my respects to Tony ”, were some signs of support for the Spaniard.

However, there were others who considered that the only thing he is looking for is to win the reality show by making these types of statements. “Oh yes, he releases everything and more to generate controversy and rating, a man is not supposed to have no memory”, “What that guy wants is publicity at the expense of Adamari, who has a track record”, “He keeps mentioning Ada to win , since I leave her alone”, and “I shouldn’t talk about Adamari, neither good nor bad. Let it be advertised on its own merits ”, some followers attacked.