Toñita criticized Yahir’s driving at La Academia for 20 years

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- This Sunday opens The Academy 20 yearsone of the most important reality shows in Mexico and which is usually under the spotlight in each of its seasons.

Prior to its premiere, the ex-academic Tonita He issued his opinion to the media, but specifically about the conduction of the program, which will be in charge of the singer and former graduate Yahir.

“He doesn’t have the driving experience. I believe that the most correct of our first generation could be a Wendolee, that she does have that facility to speak with the public and treat people, or a María Inés, that María Inés has also been in charge of several programs ”, said the Veracruz woman.

As he mentioned, singers must venture into other types of projects to be able to accept acting or driving jobs. “That’s why I tell them: ‘You have to be a bit of everything’, because that will help you when they put you in a place like the one they put Yahir in now and have enough weapons to say: ‘I can do it'” he added.

Yahirone of the finalists of the first generation, has received strong criticism after being selected to lead The Academy 20 yearsHowever, Toñita’s position also caused rejection among Internet users, who related it to envy and bad vibes.

The truth is that this Sunday the show premieres and these first chapters will be the litmus test for the singer in whom he has entrusted the production of the program.

The last installment of The Academy was in 2019, when the Mexican Dalú was crowned the winner. However, there have been many artists who have made their successful career after passing through the television program.

Toñita has ventured into modeling with exclusive designs.