Toño Mauri refused to sign his advance directive: “If I had done that I would not be here”

(Photo: Twitter / @unnimediosmx)
(Photo: Twitter / @unnimediosmx)

After Antonio Mauri better known as Tone Mauri announced that he was in very serious health due to the consequences of COVID19, the singer spoke again about his state of health, as well as the difficult decisions he made after being in a coma for 4 months.

Now he confessed for the morning show the sun risesthat it did not cross his mind to sign the advance directive, a document by which a person leaves in writing that he be given the opportunity to die in a dignified manner, in the event of being artificially connected.

“I was in those circumstances and look here I am, it is very difficult to say ‘Hey, I leave a signed paper that if they connect me I’m four months, they’ll disconnect me’, If I had done that, I wouldn’t be here.”

The Mexican singer spoke about his state of health after being in a coma for 4 months

He confirmed that the fact that he is alive is because there was great care from his relatives, despite little hope from the medical staff.

“The truth is that I came back because they insisted on taking care of me to get me out,The doctors told my wife four times that I did not pass the hours and if my wife had resigned herself to saying ‘well, we lost it, what a pity we did everything possible’, well, I would have stayed there”, he commented in the interview with the sun rises.

Likewise, the Mexican interpreter reaffirmed his religious belief as he stressed that the decision to take his life remains in the will of God, “I do believe in God, I believe that the paths are given, if God wants you to leave, you will definitely leave. If his will is for you to stay, you are going to stay no matter what, and I am more and more convinced of that ”.

He even highlighted that many people, listening to his testimony, recovered their faith, which has given strength to the member of Strawberries with Cream.

(Photo: YouTube/Maria Vision)
(Photo: YouTube/Maria Vision)

“Many people have approached me to see me, they have told me ‘Toño, I recovered my faith when I heard your testimony’ and that gives me my strength,” he said.

On the other hand, he reported that despite the circumstances he experienced more than a year ago, currently seeks to be again that actor, singer, father and husband that he was before his double lung transplantso he started with physical exercise, however, it has still been difficult for him to rework his body due to the physical condition in which he finds himself.

“The exercise that I can do right now is a little easier, I can do a lot of cardio, which is treadmill, bicycle, all of that helps me to acquire more physical condition and in terms of weight very little, I have not yet started to do any type of weights or some type of resistance “announced the actor.

Last year the well-known actor Toño Mauri shared an emotional message through social networks where he celebrated one year to live after undergoing lung transplant surgery, after suffering the serious consequences that his contagion of Covid-19 left him.

Toño Mauri one year after his double lung transplant Photo: Instagram/@antonio.mauri
Toño Mauri one year after his double lung transplant Photo: Instagram/@antonio.mauri

“[…] I am one year after receiving my lung transplant!!! A year of receiving this gift of life that thanks to God and the angel who gave me his lungs, to the doctors, to Carla my wife who fought with me until today to my children and my family, I am living the blessings of every day, every hour, every minute and every second!!! THANK YOU !!!”, said the Mexican actor in his Twitter account. Instagram.


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