Toño Mauri: This is how his health is after undergoing emergency surgery | Famous

On June 20, Toño Mauri had to undergo an emergency operation due to a “obstruction in the intestine”Now the actor can walk and eat alone.

It was his son Toño Mauri Jr. who shared details of the current state of health of his famous father, who has participated in important soap operas such as Teresa and Por Amar Sin Ley.

“He had a bent intestine and he underwent surgery without a problem, everything went very well and now he walked and ate,” said the son of the 57-year-old actor in an interview with El Universal on June 23.

Mauri Jr. explained that his father is going to “take care of the type of food he eats, such as fats” for a while.

The new operation did not affect Toño Mauri’s lungs

However, due to the new surgery to which he had to undergo, Mauri’s family was concerned that the lungs that were transplanted to him would suffer damage, says the media.

“When he was in a coma they had to introduce a tube. Thank God this did not affect the lungs or anything from the other operation,” Toño Jr. revealed, adding that the doctors have not told them when he will be able to leave the hospital.

According to what the young man told the Mexican newspaper, Toño Mauri presented an intestinal adhesion, which are bands of scar tissue that form inside the abdomen.

“Bands form between two or more organs or between organs and the abdominal wall,” explains the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases on abdominal adhesions.

Toño Mauri confessed that for him “every day is the last”

On May 17, in an interview with the hosts of the program ‘Sale el sol’, Toño Mauri expressed the life lesson that the various effects on his health left him.

“I really know that I am in a stage of living a time that I would call extra time. After that experience, I know that today is today and tomorrow everything can get complicated, tomorrow something can happen,” he said.

The producer also announced that he has talked with his loved ones about how life changes in a matter of minutes, so they are prepared to face adversity.

“We know that if it were a month, a week, if it were 5 years, 20, whatever it was, we are mentally prepared to face the situation and for me every day is the last day,” he said.

At that time, the former member of the Fresas con Crema group stressed that his body “has adjusted to the changes”, as well as that he was “going through a wonderful moment” in his life, next to his family.