Tony Wegas wants to go to the song contest again

After the successes came the crash – but the sympathetic Burgenlander has long since left this time behind.

“I then entered a phase of life in which I was not doing well. You don’t need to tell much, people know how it happened anyway. I drank an awful lot, took drugs and I’m really very happy and thank the Lord that I got out of it. I can’t even remember when I last pulled my cocaine nose. That was really many years ago.”

His mother was his greatest support all the time, even when the so-called fair-weather friends abandoned him. “I have to honestly say one thing: when I was doing this badly – like, like, five years after the song contest – all the so-called friends or appendages that were with me and that I paid everything for just stole away. “But not his mom.

“She saved me in the worst situations. She was always there for me. I can always count on her. I’m glad that I can still have a mother at my age. And I’m really glad that they still exist. And I pray to God every day that he gives me a lot more time with her. She is the most important person in my life.”