Too much bare skin? Singer “speechless” after Instagram censorship

Singer Madonna tends to be liberal on social networks. They are not deterred by guidelines either. Now the singer may have had consequences for her behavior.

Madonna is no longer allowed to use all functions on Instagram. When trying to interact with her fans through the social media platform, she received a notification that she had violated community guidelines.

“Violating community guidelines…” the pop icon wrote under a video on her Instagram feed. It shows: Madonna’s unsuccessful attempt to start a live video. “What’s going on?” she asks. A window from the platform will appear, notifying Madonna of the blockage.

This is how Madonna reacts to the censorship

The singer continues to joke, visibly surprised by the incident: “I’ve never worn so many dresses in my life.” She thus suggests that she may have violated Instagram rules that led to the ban due to her revealing posts in the past. She was “speechless” about it.

That wasn’t Madonna’s first offense, however. The photo and video app previously removed a post by the pop singer in November, in which she posed suggestively on a bed and showed a nipple. Madonna reposted the photo at the time, covering her nipple with a heart emoji. The pop singer defiantly wrote, “I repost photos that Instagram has removed without warning or notification…”