“Too stupid to eat”: Cathy Hummels makes messy bibs for dinner

Cathy Hummels with napkin as a bib.

© Screenshots Instagram/Cathy Hummels

Cathy Hummels likes to show off her food on Instagram. This time it should be lettuce. But she didn’t trust her own eating habits. She made a bib out of a hotel napkin.

Munich – Cathy Hummels (34) takes her followers with her via Instagram almost everywhere. Whether on the bike or, as is currently the case, on their trip to Berlin. In the kitchen, too, you can often peek over Ludwig’s mum’s shoulder to see what’s for dinner, as Hummels calls it. In the Berlin hotel, Hummels admitted that she is not always the prettiest eater.

Cathy Hummels makes bibs out of hotel napkins at the dinner table

Without batting an eyelid, Cathy Hummels showed up wearing a homemade bib before dinner. She has put a white hotel napkin in her white T-shirt to protect the fabric. What others put on their lap, Cathy Hummels immediately spreads over the entire chest. She says: “Guys, I’m enjoying it now and I’ve made a messy bib here.”

The simple justification of Cathy Hummels: “I’m too stupid to eat and then I kind of look like a toddler and have spots all over.” Hence a bib. You would probably have expected that from his son Ludwig – but nobody sees it in the hotel room either.

Cathy Hummels with a napkin as a bib: “Too stupid to eat”

With bibs, but full face make-up, there is also a selfie on the window frame afterwards. She also shares the food in question, which Hummels would rather not have on her shirt as a precaution: salad. With mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, pomegranate seeds.

From player wife to mom, moderator and entrepreneur: Cathy Hummel’s change in pictures

Mats Hummels and his Cathy (then still Fischer) at BVB's 100th birthday in 2009.
They were still very young: Mats Hummels and his Cathy (then still Fischer) at BVB’s 100th birthday in 2009. It is one of the couple’s first public pictures together. © IMAGO/DeFodi
Cathy Fischer (Hummels) at EURO 2012: Germany - Greece
At the 2012 European Championships, Cathy Fischer, wearing the Germany jersey, was busy snapping photos of her Mats Hummels, who played for Germany. © Andreas Gebert/dpa
Deeply in love: Mats and Cathy 2014.
Very much in love: Cathy Fischer shares this sweet snapshot on Instagram in 2014, where she kisses Mats on the cheek. With the cap, the necklace and the glasses, Mats looks completely different here. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Wedding selfie: Mats and Cathy got married on June 15, 2015 in Munich.
Mats and Cathy married on June 15, 2015 in Munich. Behind the scenes, the two snapped this radiant selfie all in white. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Mats Hummels with wife Cathy. Oktoberfest visit to the Käfer Schenke on September 23, 2017 in Munich.
A visit to the Oktoberfest, like here in 2017, was also part of it for Mats Hummels and Cathy. Both were living in Munich at the time, he was playing for the FC Bayern Munich football club at the time. © IMAGO/Sven Simon
The pregnant Cathy Hummels comes to the charity gala ‘A Heart for Children’ in Berlin, Germany, 09 December 2017.
The crowning of love between Cathy and Mats followed: the two were expecting a son. Here comes the pregnant Cathy Hummels on December 9th, 2017 in Berlin for the donation gala “A heart for children”. © Gregor Fischer/dpa
Cathy Hummels and Baby Ludwig.
Ludwig saw the light of day! Cathy Hummels is proud with her baby. For a long time, the influencer did not show her son’s face on Instagram, covered it with emojis. You can now see him in full on posts or videos. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Cathy Hummel’s selfie in a dirndl with a wreath of flowers.
In the meantime, Cathy Hummels continued to expand her own career. She is successful as a model and influencer and has partnerships with well-known brands. In this selfie she is wearing something from her self-designed dirndl collection. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Art Against Depression exhibition: Cathy Hummels on the red carpet next to a picture of Amy Winehouse.
But there were not only happy chapters on Cathy’s path. She spoke openly about her depression and also makes this illness publicly heard. Here, for example, as moderator of the charity dinner “Art Against Depression”. A portion of the proceeds goes to the German Depression Aid Foundation. © Roberto Pfeil/dpa
Cathy Hummel’s book cover: “My detour to happiness”.
Cathy Hummels also recorded her personal highs and lows in the book “My detour to happiness”. It was launched on September 24th, 2020. In it, Hummels gives an insight behind the dazzling facade and writes about very dark hours in her life. In the meantime, “author” has also become part of her career. Cathy Hummels has also published a cookbook with sugar-free recipes and a book with yoga exercises. © picture alliance/dpa/Benevento
Cathy Hummels doing yoga.
Sport, especially yoga, and mental health are topics that are particularly important to Cathy Hummels. The brunette also shares workout videos on social media. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Cathy Hummels in front of a poster for Battle of the Reality Stars.
Later, a career as a moderator was added. Cathy Hummels moderates the format “Battle of the Reality Stars” on RTL II. © Peter Kneffel/dpa
Selfie on Instagram: Cathy Hummels and her son Ludwig.
No matter how much Cathy Hummels is in public: her son Ludwig is her one and only. On Instagram, the mother shares everyday life with her son in Munich. Kindergarten, going for walks, making food, playing or reading – Cathy completely embraces her role as a mother. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Cathy Hummels and the family dog ​​”Moonie”.
There is another member of the Hummels family: the dog “Moonie”. Even the little rascal should not be missing in the Instagram stories about everyday life. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Cathy and Mats with son Ludwig Hummels on vacation in Miami in 2022.
Unfortunately, the love between Cathy and Mats did not last. Whether they are still a couple or not – their tasks as Papa and Mama Hummels are very important to them. So both do everything for their son and also fly together on vacation, like here to Miami. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels
Cathy Hummels arrives at the Riani Fashion Cruise Event on July 23, 2022 on a ship in Dusseldorf.
Cathy Hummels has also been successful on her own over time and is much more than a player’s wife anyway. She is a regular guest on the red carpet, as here in July 2022 at a Riani event at the “Fashion Days Düsseldorf”. © IMAGO/APress
Selfie of Cathy Hummels with her bike.
Despite appearances on the red carpet and great publicity, Cathy Hummels seems to have stayed down to earth. She still rides her bike through Munich to her appointments – even when it’s raining. “There is nothing worse for me than being stuck in traffic,” Cathy Hummels explained on Instagram. © Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels

Cathy Hummels is currently in the middle of her “Project Body Pimping”. she wants to change physically. Sources used: instagram.com/cathyhummels