Top Chef 2022: the moving confidences of Glenn Viel on the death of his mother (ZAPTV)

Wednesday, May 11, in Top chef, Glenn Viel was very touched by Arnaud’s dish, imagined to encourage blood donation, because it reminded him of his mother, who died of leukemia. He made touching confidences.

They are only six. For the last candidates of Top chef, the competition intensifies with more and more complex tests. Wednesday, May 11, for the thirteenth week of the competition, they had to cook for Rasmus Munk, two-star Danish chefwhich offers concept dishes in its restaurant. “It all started with the idea of ​​creating a restaurant that could have an impact on society”he confided to the M6 ​​cameras, adding: We try to highlight, through strong visuals, social issues to create awareness and ensure that these issues remain in people’s minds.

Rasmus Munk offers for example to taste edible plastic made with cod skin to denounce the pollution of the oceans. And he asked candidates to create “shock dishes” by conveying a message on the plate. What inspired a lot Arnaud, who decided to defend blood donation.

Glenn Viel: “I lost my mother to leukemia”

“It’s a cause close to my heart”, explained Arnaud to his boss Glenn Viel, specifying that as a homosexual, he had to be abstinent for a year to give blood in Belgium. A restriction he finds “degrading”especially since the blood requirements are important. It’s a theme that I really like because I lost my mother to leukemia, meconfided Glenn Viel with emotion, adding: “She needed a lot of blood and it’s true that it was a bit difficult. We lack blood, little message to get across: donate your blood.” Moved, he continued: “It touches my heart… Blood donation saves lives every day. We all have an impact to play. If we go to donate blood from time to time, we give something to someone we don’t know, that’s true generosity, the gift of self.”