Top Chef 2022: what the big winner Louise Bourrat will do with her winnings

Louise Bourrat is the big winner of Top chef 2022, facing Belgian chef Arnaud Delvenne. Thanks to her victory, what does she plan to do with the money received? We have the answer.

The result finally fell this Wednesday, June 15, 2022: Louise Bourrat becomes the 13ᵉ person to win the cooking show Top chef, after several weeks of competition. The young woman was facing Arnaud Delvenne and had a mission of the utmost importance: to organize a banquet for 80 people in a sublime Parisian palace. And concerning the chef who currently resides in Portugal, her menu was widely appreciated by the assembly. She then becomes the third woman to win this competition.

Indeed, before her, Stéphanie Le Quellec and Naoëlle d’Hainault have already won this competition. Louise Bourrat can therefore be proud of it: “This result can be questioned by many people just because I am a woman. When you succeed in life, and even more so in male circles, they say that there has been favoritism, that it is the feminine guarantee, that it is for the image”, she said. With 56.19% of the votes, Louise received a check worth 56,190 euros : enough to carry out beautiful projects.

What projects for Louise Bourrat after her victory?

In an interview with our colleagues from Tele-Leisurethe 27-year-old chef confided in her upcoming projects thanks to the money received in Top chef. But for the moment, the ideas are still fuzzy: “I do not know at all ! I had not asked myself the question before winning. I’m not going to start making plans for the future with what I don’t have, besides I still don’t have them”she confided, laughing.

But this check will probably be a real boost for Louise Bourrat, especially in her personal life: I’m thinking about moving to the countryside, in Portugal, to build my house there. I would like to live in a simple way, with my vegetable garden, my chickens, my dogs and my cats!”. One thing is certain, we can’t wait to find out what’s next Top chef of the young woman.