Top Chef: Glenn Viel refuses a request, Paul Pairet forced to stick to it … Philippe Etchebest swings!

This Wednesday March 23, 2022, M6 is broadcasting a new episode of Top chef. After the eliminations of Elliott Van de Velde, Renaud Ramamourty, Tania Cadeddu, Logan Depuydt then Elis Bond, another candidate will be eliminated tonight. The evening, presented by Stéphane Rotenberg, will also be marked by the return of the mythical Who Can Beat event, where Philippe Etchebest and Paul Pairet challenge the candidates. The famous Bordeaux chef was initially alone. Since last year, he has been accompanied by Jean-François Piège’s successor… who didn’t really have a choice!

With our colleagues from TV StarPhilippe Etchebest talks about this classic Top chef. “Even if it’s not really new, the collaboration with Paul Pairet remains one for me (laughs). But above all, this year, we must prepare two disheshe confides. If our two plates are first, no candidate is qualified. On the other hand, they can earn two points if they beat one of our dishes or four points if they rank above both of our dishes.

Was it Paul Pairet who wanted to take part in this event?“, ask our colleagues. And that’s when the famous chef with blue cuffs responds cash: “Absolutely not. We pushed him to do it. He accepted because he is with me. We have fun, it breaks me. With Paul, the unexpected is out of this world (laughs). It doesn’t work like that. Everything is calculated, thought out, reflected. The, he really steps out of his comfort zone. He’s not used to that. It’s great that he plays the game!“This is how Philippe Etchebest balances that this test was imposed on his sidekick Paul Pairet.

For their part, would Hélène Darroze and Glenn Viel be too afraid to rub shoulders with the candidates? “I don’t know if they would like to do it, you have to ask them. If they want to replace me next year, I’m willing“, loose Philippe Etchebest. And to remember that Glenn Viel”said he wouldn’t. “We talked to him about it but it’s not his thinghe says. It is true that it is particular as an exercise. Not everyone feels comfortable in this kind of test. Even if I’m going to break the pipe, I’m going! It’s entertaining.

It remains to be seen whether the duo will be overtaken by one or more candidates!