Top Gun 2: the film’s hypersonic plane looks so real that China would have placed a spy satellite to photograph it

Top Gun returns to our screens, to the delight of early fans. The next film features Tom Cruise, as in 1986, piloting a hypersonic plane, and it looks so real, that China has placed a spy satellite to photograph it according to director Jerry Bruckheimer.

Three years late, the next Top Gun will be on our screen on May 25th. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Maverick as an instructor to help Top Gun’s best pilots on a special mission. The film features a multitude of aerial vehicles such as the P-51 Mustang, the F/A-18 Hornet, the F-35C or even a stealth Russian Su-57. One of the big stars will be the Darkstar, which is a top-secret, but fictional, hypersonic aircraft that would have Chinese authorities worried according to director Jerry Bruckheimer. He said the Navy would have explained to him that a Chinese spy satellite would have been redirected to come and take pictures of the device. However, this information seems wrong. It is unlikely that the US military is aware of the shenanigans of the Chinese authorities, and it is still unlikely that they warned the director of the film. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that the detection of a satellite towards the filming area has taken place, but it is difficult to know if this is a bluff to make the buzz for the long-awaited film. .

However, this rumor could also ultimately be true, as the Darkstar is extremely realistic, and it could possibly fool foreign intelligence services. Aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin, thanks to the office of Skunk Works, was able to create this large-scale aircraft with great precision. Let’s wait until May 25 to discover this machine which will have as its pilot Maverick, the best in the US Navy, with a few more wrinkles.


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