Tour A 2022 – Alejandro Sanz gives a night of emotions to his Dominican public

The public that likes the songs of Alejandro Sanz He lived a magical night on Saturday at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium by connecting with the musical halo of the Spanish singer-songwriter’s career, after the two-year blackout caused by the pandemic.

the artist of “Broken Heart (1997)”who had since 2019 without visiting the country and returned to celebrate his 30 years in music with his Tour A 2022, He showed that the affection and appreciation of the Dominicans towards him remains like the rock: strong, faithful and firm.

Since Sanz vocalized “Hoy que no está (1997)” and “Back in the city (2019)”, the two hits with which he started, the public never gave in to the shouts of emotion, being euphoric, but above all caramelized, in love and surrendered at the feet of the Madrilenian.

The beginning of the magical night

It was 8:00 at night and the arena was complete, although people were still entering through the access doors.

Rushing, sitting expectantly, looking for seats, preparing cell phone cameras, taking pictures and stocking up on soda, water and alcohol, was the crowd that wanted to relive old times.

10 minutes did not go well when the Dominican went on stage Diego Jaar (former participant in the latest edition of Dominicana’s Got Talent), who was Sanz’s local counterpart.

Jaar performed his song “La de amor” and two others, making the audience settle down and get ready to receive Sanz.

Stage, it wasn’t that big It was decorated with colored lights, the flashes of the public cameras, the titanic screens arranged around the stage, the choir and the musicians.

The concert started on time and the noise quickly consumed the field when Sanz was seen leaving the left side of the stage dressed in black and with his guitar in hand.

Capture the hearts of the public

“Let me kiss you” (2017), a song in collaboration with American salsa singer Marc Anthony, “The soul in the air” (2000), “Today it rains, today it hurts” (2003) and “My Martian” (2012)were the songs with which the artist took over the hearts of the eight thousand Dominicans present there.

Sanz gave it all singing these songs and the fans also accepted it. They jumped, raised their arms up and danced like there was no tomorrow.

After singing those four compositions, the man from Madrid thanked for the opportunity to sing “in this blessed country” and expressed the happiness that caused him that three Dominicans were part of the band.

“I want to thank, first because I have the opportunity to sing here in this blessed country, thank you very much, really, for receiving us,” he said… “also because here in the band we have three Dominicans: Crhis (pianist), Helen (drummer) and Karina (choir)”, were his words.

With “Mi marciana” something unexpected happened. Sanz ended the song singing a piece of the popular song by the Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, “Burbujas de amor”.

“I would like to be a fish”, sang the artist and the fans shuddered, but Sanz continued with the show.

For the songs “Looking for Paradise” (2009), one of the conquests of Alicia Keys, and “Mi persona favorite” (2019) in which she collaborates with the Cuban artist Camila Cabello, the Dominican Karina formed a duet with the artist. These were two of the songs that fans enjoyed the most, since the chemistry between Karina and Sanz moved the public.

“What I was is what I am” (1991), “When nobody sees me” (2000), “I sing a son” (2019), “My friend” (1997) and “I don’t want” (2021) were other of the ballads that included the act and that the public sang in unison and even more could not.

Sanz was surprised by the fans, who did not stop shouting and shouted with his well-marked Madrid accent and in a joyful tone: “I like that energy that the Dominican Republic has, I got you.”

A gold clasp closure

Two hours and a little more, at the request of the public, Sanz lasted non-stop singing his hits.

The artist closed with a flourish with the song “Corazón parte”but when he thought it was over, the crowd felt otherwise, it didn’t seem like enough and asked for more.

Sanz had left the stage with his group of musicians and the lights went out. He stayed like that for about 20 seconds.

He did not resist and went out again upon hearing the desperate cries of the Dominicans.

“Living fast” (1991), “You see it” (1995), “If it were her” (1997) and “That last moment” (1997) they were the last ones that the artist played and sang.

Lonely… he sat down with his piano in “Lo vez” and the public gave him a minute of silence to honor him. And “even the moon smiles at us,” he said in the middle of “If it were her.”

There was the night. Sanz thanked his fans for their love and for sharing an unforgettable night.