Tourista prepares tour in Mexico and Colombia and announces farewell show for her followers | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

Through their social networks, the Peruvian band Tourist announced the first leg of his international tour called “My name is Tourista”, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Mexico and Colombia will be the countries that the trio will visit between June and August, in addition the group will perform in different cities of Peru in July to promote their new songs.

We are very excited about this tour because we return to Mexico and Colombia after a long time, but this time not only to CDMX and Bogotá, but we will be in several cities in each country and in important festivals, such as the ‘Machaca’ in Mexico and the ‘Colombian Rock Day’”, commented its vocalist, Rui Pereira.

To say goodbye to his followers before his tour, Tourista will offer a special show at the Yield Bar, in downtown Lima, where he will play his best songs and will be accompanied by the rapper Jaze, the cumbia of Olaya Sound System and the alternative rock of Los Outsaiders. in addition to the DJ Pyramids.

The trio made up of Rui Pereira (vocals and guitar), Genko (guitar and synthesizers) and Sandro Labenita (drums) will represent Peru at the Aztec event with their latest release “No me arrepiento”, which shortly after its release already has with more than 50 thousand views on their digital platforms.


  • Tickets for their concert at Yield Bar will be available on the Joinnus website at S/. 59 in limited presale.
  • Before starting her international tour, Tourista will premiere a new song that will be part of the next album.


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