TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi makes a big mess about a columnist’s birthday (ZAPTV)

Little moment of solitude on the set of Do not touch My TV this Tuesday, July 5, 2022. While the atmosphere was good-natured, Benjamin Castaldi decided to wish the birthday of one of the columnists. Except that this surprise did not have the expected reaction since the host made a small mistake.

It’s always a good-natured atmosphere on the set of Do not touch My TV. Cyril Hanouna’s show is not taking a vacation this summer and continues with unreleased content every day presented by Benjamin Castaldi. The former host of the Loft and Secret Story has fun at the controls of the show at come back to the best moments of the season, to launch debates on summer topics or even by asking his colleagues to tell some very crisp anecdotes.

This is how Delphine Wespiser had told of a misadventure she had experienced during her vacation in Hawaii with her companion. Jean-Pierre Castaldi’s son lent himself to the game by revealing that he had been hit on heavily by a world-famous singer. Even if some debates are still subject to clash between the different columnists, the general atmosphere on the set is very relaxed. Results : it happens that the teams make a few dumplings.

Don’t jinx me

This Tuesday, July 5, 2022, Francesca Antoniotti paid the price. During the presentation of the evening’s team, the 47-year-old columnist is challenged by Benjamin Castaldi who recalls that she will very soon be a married woman. “Don’t jinx me,” she says as the presenter reveals a little anecdote about her companion.

But then, the ex of Flavie Flament makes the mistake of announcing that today is his birthday. The song happy birthday by Stevie Wonder is heard on the plate while the public and the columnists applaud in unison then covering the voice of the interested principal who declares: “it’s tomorrow“. Once calm has returned, she thus recalled that her birthday is July 6 and not the 5!But since you’re not here tomorrow for budget reasons, we wanted to wish you today,” replies the host to justify himself. A justification that even he finds it difficult to believe.