Trakt also known as a “place of well-being”.

Boris Becker is currently serving his sentence in a London prison. He reportedly kept pressing an alarm button in his cell. Now he has apparently been moved to another wing.

Boris Becker was probably transferred within Wandsworth prison in London and now lives in a single cell, as “Bild” claims to have learned. According to the report, the tennis legend is in a much more comfortable wing, the so-called “Trinity Wing”.

The wing is also known as a “place of well-being” within the British prison, because it is supposed to be more relaxed there and more pleasant for the inmates, since there is “somewhat more relaxed supervision”. You can work there – for example in the food distribution, the library or the laundry -, get further training and do sports, and you can also make better contact with other prisoners.

Otherwise it will take longer to get into this wing

Normally, however, one is not so easily transferred to this part of the prison. As “Bild” reports, citing a former prisoner, it would otherwise take “months and even years to get to this part”. Becker, 54, is said to no longer be classified as a new arrival at Wandsworth by default, but is already at a higher tier. You can change status through good behavior or by following the rules.

The three-time Wimbledon winner Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on April 29, 2022 by a London court for bankruptcy offences. Immediately after the verdict was sent to prison. Most recently, it was said that he had made the emergency call from his cell several times due to claustrophobia. Former inmate Chris Atkins told t-online about Wandsworth: “This place is pure horror. Everything about it is horrible.”