Tramp breaks into Stefan Mross: “Was totally scared”

Unknown on your own property, in your own four walls: Moderator Stefan Mross now had to go through this nightmare. The pop star got an uninvited visitor.

“Always Sundays” presenter Stefan Mross likes to rave about how he and his wife Anna-Carina Woitschack are traveling in their motorhome. But the hit size also has a non-motorized home. A stranger was now hanging around on his private property near Passau, as the moderator had to determine on the recordings of his surveillance cameras. He called the police.

Criminal intentions? Unlikely. A tramp had taken up residence in an unfinished outbuilding of his house for the weekend. Mross and his wife were not on the property at the time, as he told “Bild am Sonntag”.

Stefan Mross: “I was totally shocked”

“My surveillance cameras reported to me on my cell phone that a stranger was sneaking through our garden. I was totally shocked and immediately alerted the police,” explained Mross. But the officials could no longer find the stranger on the property.

The intruder was identified from the footage Mross showed police. He is said to be known to the police and has already slept on other properties in the area. Mross: “Actually, I feel sorry for the man, because he was only looking for a warm place to sleep. And in our shell it was nice and cozy because there was a heater there to dry out the walls.”