“Traumschiff” actress unpacks about filming! “Like in school”

Just in time for the New Year, the “Dream Ship” on ZDF sets sail again!

And on January 1st, the cult classic will sail to the Bahamas. Many familiar faces are on board again this time. Above all, of course, Florian Silbereisen as captain. But Uwe Ochsenknecht and Armin Rohde also do the honors. Just like actress Lena Meckel. And she’s now revealed why filming made her feel a little “like being at school.”

“Traumschiff”: The classic sets sail again

For more than 40 years, the ZDF cult classic “Traumschiff” has simply been part of the television program. For many, the few broadcast dates in the year are mandatory. No wonder, after all, the “dream ship” only serves the viewer’s wanderlust, but also tells stories of love, drama and surprises – right in the middle of life.

And this year, actress Lena Meckel is also in the middle of it in the role of law student Natascha. For them it is the first trip on the “dream ship” – and the shooting made a lasting impression on them, as they reveal in an interview with “Bild”. Above all, the behavior of an actor inspired her.

The dream ship sets sail again for the New Year! In order to take revenge on their fund manager, Roman Schmidt (Armin Rohde, left) and Sebastian Prinz (Uwe Ochsenknecht, center) befriend his girlfriend Natascha Sahin (Lena Meckel, right). Photo: ZDF/Dirk Bartling

“Traumschiff”: THAT is what impresses Lena the most

We are talking about Uwe Ochsenknecht. “Text hangers are a foreign word for Uwe,” reveals the 30-year-old. “There is a correspondingly high demand on oneself, to come to the set well prepared in order to also deliver and not to attract attention due to poor preparation. Almost like at school back then. Except the teachers weren’t that cool.”

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But in addition to high demands on herself, the time she was shooting was also characterized by many warm, inspiring and exciting encounters. One or the other actor also chatted out of the sewing box on a cozy evening together. However, Lena Meckel did not reveal to “Bild” what was on the table. (Abr)