“Traumschiff”: After the “Schmuddelfilm” scene – the actress unpacks

The fans have been looking forward to it for a long time and on Boxing Day the time had finally come: A new episode of “Traumschiff” flickered across German television screens on ZDF. Together, the crew around Florian Silbereisen and Co. sailed towards the Maldives at Christmas. More precisely, it goes to Coco Island.

In addition to relationship problems, intrigues and great feelings, a very special scene caused a stir. Not only the “Traumschiff” viewers have a clear opinion on this, but the actors themselves can only smile about it.

“Traumschiff”: Tina Ruland on a spicy bed scene

It’s getting hot on the “Dream Ship”. The series characters Sonja, played by Tina Ruland, and her husband Daniel, played by Marek Ehrhardt, want to give their love life a kick. To do this, he prepares something romantic in the couple’s cabin: he lays out rose petals and eagerly awaits his Sonja. However, she is not at all impressed by the sight and compares the scenery with “a cheesy sleazy film.”

In retrospect, the actors had a blast shooting the erotic scene. Tina Ruland reveals: “We laughed a lot because it was really hilarious.”

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“Traumschiff” viewers are anything but enthusiastic

Meanwhile, this scene also causes a different kind of laughter online. Many viewers find it uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch. Here is an excerpt from the fan opinions on Twitter:

  • “Haven’t we been through enough this year?”
  • “Awkward moment ever.”
  • “I couldn’t even look.”
  • “Help!”
  • “I’m traumatized for the rest of my days.”

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