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It would be a big shock for Florian Silbereisen’s fans: will the showmaster soon quit his job as the “dream ship” captain? The rumor mill is churning. Now a colleague of the TV star also comments on the assumptions.

It quickly becomes clear that not even the “Traumschiff” crew is sure how long Florian Silbereisen plans to stay on board. After all, the moderator is very busy and is far from thinking about cutting back.

“Traumschiff” star clearly: “Hope the rumors are wrong”

First of all, the musician’s loyal followers can sit back and relax. In July 2021, Florian Silbereisen prematurely extended his “Traumschiff” contract with ZDF until early 2024. But then what? The 41-year-old seems to be keeping that open at the moment.

When asked about “Express”, even Daniel Morgenroth was unsuspecting. He has been playing staff captain Martin Grimm in the ZDF films since 2019 and, like Florian Silbereisen, is part of the regular crew. Of course, the rumors about the captain’s departure have not escaped his notice either. When asked about this, he only replies: “I hope that it will go on like this for a while and that the rumors are wrong.”

dream ship
Daniel Morgenroth with his “Traumschiff” colleagues Collien Ulmen-Fernandes and Florian Silbereisen (from left to right). Photo: picture alliance/dpa/ZDF | Dirk Bartling

Does Florian Silbereisen stop with the “Dream Ship”? decision pending

So far, Florian Silbereisen has shot 12 episodes as Captain Max Parger. By the turn of the year there would only be three more “Traumschiff” editions before the musician’s contract officially expires. Because: “Also next year there will be four ‘Traumschiff’ editions,” confirms a ZDF spokeswoman to the news agency “spot on news”.

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So Florian Silbereisen should slowly make a decision about his future on the high seas. The next ZDF film with him is expected in April at Easter. It is still unknown where the crew around Max Parger will end up.