Tribute to Diego Vergar with a single one year after his death – El Sol de México

Within the framework of Diego Verdaguer’s first death anniversaryto commemorate the next January 27tha new version of the simple “Come, come, let life go”which now returns with overtones of cumbia.

This song, originally released in 1993, was part of a show that the singer-songwriter presented on the esplanade of the Regional Museum of Cholula, Pueblain November 2021, becoming one of the last recordings what did you do before his death.

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This premiere is in charge of amanda miguel (his widow) and anna victoria (his daughter), who also after the death of his father assumed the general direction of his record company, Diam Musicas well as the production and logistics of the projects that were left unfinished.

“The last year was one of intense adjustments, of waking up at tremendous speed, picking myself up and continuing. For me it was a duty to do it, I had to fulfill my father’s dreams and with that, give him back everything he did for me, and I will continue to do it with love, conviction and devotion”, he expressed through a Press release.

For his part, Amanda Miguel expressed her sadness because of how difficult this has been first year without her husbandand stressed that her daughter and her grandson have been her strength, as well as the affection of the public that has filled her with love through their letters and messages.

He said that continuing with the musical work of Diego is crucial, because his work is worthy of recognition, and he even remembered when last year he received the Grammy for Musical Excellence.

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“I know that this was recognition because I have dedicated my whole life to music, but my husband also deserved it, for that reason. i got it for both”, commented the interpreter of “He lied to me” in the aforementioned statement.

Although they will not carry out any public event, both artists commemorate this date in their home in USAin the company of their relatives.