Trouble in paradise? After 1 year of marriage, Alex Fernández uncovers “lawsuit” with his wife

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Guadalajara Jalisco.- These days, the son of the ‘foal‘, Alex Fernandez will be one year old marriage with his wife, alexia hernandez; however, almost at the same time, grandson of ‘The Charro of Huentitan‘ uncovered a ‘lawsuit’ with his partner… could it be that they divorced?

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Not at all! Despite his young age, Alex Fernández has one of the most stable relationships in the middle of the show and, although both are similar, even in their names, the truth is that they do have some differences, to show the publication that the singer of mexican royal music published last Saturday, May 14.

And it is that that day, the teams of the Atlas and the Chivas they clashed in the Jalisco Stadiuma fact that would confront the couple, since Alex is a fan of the Atlas, while Alexia goes to the Chivas.

For their part, the couple decided to immortalize the moment with a curious Photographyin which both appear in the position of boxconfronting each other in one of the stadium’s boxes.

Despite this and regardless of the results of the game, Alex’s followers declared that the two make a “beautiful couple” and asked them not to be angry about who turned out to be the winner of the match. Despite everything, it seems that the couple did not have to bother, since the match ended in a draw.

Sources: Instagram @alexfernandez