Trump on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, was launched at the ready against Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, whom he criticized for having abandoned his family for a woman. According to the politician, who has shown aspirations to fight for the Presidency in 2024, what the prince did is “a shame” and assured that his decision (marriage with Meghan Markle) will have a “bad” end.

The statements were made in the middle of an interview that he offered in Piers Morgan Uncensoredin which he explained that Harry “He is being led by the nose” by his wife, predicting that at some point he will have to get tired of this situation.

“Harry is flogged. Do you know the expression?” Trump asked Morgan, to which his interviewer replied, “I’m familiar with the phrase.”

“I won’t use the full expression, but Harry is flogged like no other person I think I’ve ever seen,” the former US president added.

It should be remembered that Morgan is also not one of the biggest fans of Harry and Meghan’s marriage, whom he has repeatedly criticized for acts against the British crown.

For Trump, these criticisms are correct, since what happened to the couple has been worthy of a “disloyal royalty” that, according to him, now has California as its private fort.

“I’m not a fan of Meghan. I am not a fan and I was not well from the beginning. I think poor Harry is being led by his nose. And I think he’s an embarrassment. And I think he bad-mouthed the royal family, but in particular the Queen.”, he added.

In addition, according to what Trump said, what they do to Her Majesty Elizabeth II hurts him, taking into account the good relationship that exists between the two. “She liked me and she liked me,” Trump stressed, recalling the meetings they had when he was officiating as the first president of the Americans.

When asked if he in the Queen’s position would have stripped Harry and Meghan (officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) of their titles, Trump did not hesitate to show his approval of this decision, since this would be more an obligation of the Crown than an option.

“I would (…) The only thing I don’t agree with the Queen on, probably one of the only things in the story, is I think she would have said, ‘If that’s your choice, that’s fine. But now you no longer have titles. Do you know?”, was the response of the former president.

Then he added: “I think he has been so disrespectful to the country, and it is a great country (…) I have a lot of things there”.

To conclude, Trump was blunt in stating that the stress of fame, public opinion and Meghan’s alleged dominance over Harry will make the relationship end sooner than later.

“So, I want to know what’s going to happen when Harry decides he’s sick of being bossed around (…) Or maybe when she decides she likes another guy better. I want to know what’s going to happen when it’s over, okay?“, he asked himself.

“Do you think it’s going to end?” Morgan questioned Trump, trying to confirm his assertions.

“Yes (…) I have been a very good predictor, as you know. I predicted almost everything. It will end and it will end badly (…) And I wonder if Harry will ever get down on his knees again, in the beautiful city of London and say, ‘Please.’ You know, I think Harry will have to go down that road.”, concluded Donald Trump.

It should be remembered that Harry and Meghan have been married since 2018, after a controversy was created when they learned that the actress, in addition to being a foreigner, was also divorced, reviving the story of Elizabeth II’s uncle, Edward VIII, who decided to abdicate the throne in 1936 in order not to abandon his relationship with Wallis Simpson, who was his wife until 1972, the year of the death of the former British monarch.