Truth Social: Not even Donald Trump uses his social network

Truth Social should become a competitor to Twitter and Co. Now it looks like Donald Trump’s (75) new social media network is a flash in the pan. The Guardian writes, Truth Social has “become a laughing stock” almost a month after launch. The reasons given by the newspaper for this are a botched market launch and a drop in the share price, and Trump is also a “figurehead who doesn’t really post much on his own social media platform”.

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On February 21, Truth Social was supposed to take off. However, numerous users could not access the app at that time, according to “The Guardian”. Trump himself is said to have only shared one post on the platform so far. In mid-February, he asked the people in it: “Get ready!” On February 15 hDonald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. (44) also posted this message on Twitter posted, adding, “Time for some truth!” (“Time for some truth”).

Long waiting list?

According to “Daily Beast”, the former US President now unhappy that Truth Social isn’t more popular with users. In early March, the network was averaging just 300,000 hits per day, according to the report. Truth Social is said to have been the most downloaded app in Apple’s App Store from February 21 to 23. Apparently the interest was short-lived. However, there are said to be many interested users on a waiting list. In addition, the app is currently only available for Apple devices.

Donald Trump reacted to his exclusion from the usual platforms with Truth Social. Twitter, which Trump used as a form of government tool, banned Trump on January 8, 2021. Facebook had also blocked Trump.

Earlier, on January 6, 2021, supporters of the President-elect stormed the Capitol in Washington. Many observers blamed posts by Donald Trump in which he described the election of his successor Joe Biden (79) as illegal.

Is success yet to come?

It remains to be seen whether Trump can still take off with Truth Social once the problems are under control. Another project by the entrepreneur, who was US President from 2017 to 2021, has already fizzled out: in May 2021, Trump temporarily launched his own short message blog “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump”. After just one month, the platform was taken offline again.

According to “Daily Beast”, Trump said during an appearance in Orlando that the launch of Truth Social was still in progress. It’s a slow process, but “an incredible success,” he said. Why Trump doesn’t use his own app more often remains a mystery.

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