Try not to scoff before you see what Marc Anthony looked like when he wasn’t famous yet

Mark Anthony He is one of the undisputed idols of Latin music, he began by dabbling in the salsa genre and then paved his repertoire even more, towards pop. He is over 30 years old trajectory. Marc Anthony’s career began singing in different bars in Puerto Rico, where he began to be known little by little. One of his specialties is “house music”, a style that has the particularity of repeating a word several times with variations in tone, accompanied by a rhythmic track.

Marc Anthony as a teenager. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow.

After hearing Juan Gabriel with his song “Hasta que te conocí”, Mark Anthony he knew that what he dreamed of doing was releasing music in Spanish. That is why in 1993 she published her album “Otra nota”, which began to sound throughout Latin America. In 1994 he published the song “Vivir lo nuestro”, a duet with the singer India, which made him go very far, establishing himself as one of the young people with the best representation of salsa. Today he is one of the few artists who have more than 12 million followers on Instagram.