Tula Rodríguez on the conversation she had in private with Brunella Torpoco: “She told me her soul hurts” Farándula RMMN | SHOWS

tula rodriguez and Maju Mantilla sympathized with the sauce boat Brunella Torpoco, who made news in recent days after announcing her retirement from the stage due to the threats she received from criminals who want to charge her quotas for her live performances.

“All our solidarity with Brunella and her family because what is happening is very serious. Extortions, robberies, collection of quotas, kidnappings have doubled “, commented Maju Mantilla in this Monday’s edition of “On everyone’s lips”.

The television presenter took advantage of Dr. Tomas Ángulo’s visit to consult the following: Brunella It’s going to interrupt her sleep, but when she wants to come back, will she be emotionally ready?”

The psychologist assured that this difficult situation that Brunella had to live through will only make her stronger, and he was also confident that he will return to the music scene.

“According to my experience seeing devastated women, broken by a divorce, by infidelity. There is something that happens to a woman when her heart is broken, she becomes stronger right where she suffered before. This is a characteristic of a woman, she does not stay with the pain, she advances, she progresses. I am sure that Brunella has not been stopped by her fears or the fears that they try to impose on her, right now everything has to be postponed because you have to protect and protect yourself, but she is going to continue ”, He explained in front of the television cameras.

Finally, Tula Rodríguez commented that he exchanged some messages with the sauce boat, who confessed that “his soul hurts” after making the decision to withdraw from the stage.

“She is going to continue, I tell you that I wrote to her, I spoke with her some texts and she told me that it hurt her soul to leave this, but she wrote me that for the safety of her family, she was really evaluating taking a step aside”, Ricardo Rondón’s partner commented.

Tula reveals that she spoke with Brunella Torpoco


Tula Rodríguez sends a hint to Gisela Valcárcel

Tula Rodríguez sends a hint to Gisela Valcárcel
Tula Rodríguez sends a hint to Gisela Valcárcel