Tunden Ninel Conde after posing a dog painted as Pikachu

Just when we thought that Ninel Conde He was already at his best moment out of all controversy having fixed the problems with his ex, Giovanni Medina, the truth is that he is again on everyone’s lips and now The tunden after showing off a puppy painted like Pikachu, they say that “his neurons fail”.

It is on social networks where Internet users have spoken out against the Mexican actress and singer, Ninel Conde, whom say they ‘support’ animal abusebecause she was very happy posing with her pomeranian dog Princess Bellealong with the famous Zazaa puppy that went viral for having the dyed hair as the character of the series Pokemon, Pikachu.

However, Internet users were not pleased that he appeared with this puppy that went viral for appearing in a basketball game in the United States, as they described it as “animal cruelty”, since Zaza wears the bright yellow fur, red cheeks and black earsjust like the character from the Japanese animation.

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And it is not the first time that the call ‘Killer Hottie’is involved in some controversy or scandal, just recently she had had a strong dispute with her ex Giovanni Medina, to see who was going to keep her son Emmanuel, but now they accuse her of involuntary ‘support’ towards abuse.

It was through her Instagram account that Ninel Conde shared some stories in which she appears with her pet and with the puppy dyed as Pikachuthe images immediately went viral on social networks as Internet users mention this type of chemical dyes can seriously damage the skin and fur of animals.

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On the other hand, it seems that this was not even noticed by the actress of Rebelwho as soon as he found Zaza with his owner in Miamihe was fascinated by the idea of ​​posing with both puppies, so in the program Gossip Not Likedriver Javier Cerianilashed out at her and what she did.

“This is forgivable, I know that it is a product that has a dye for animals. The dyes camouflage the smell of the dog which it can bring you trouble communication to animals. Of course they are breaking his instinct, his senses. Dye that Ninel is putting on the neurons are affecting her please help her”.

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