TV star Henning Baum likes natural beauty

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TV star Henning Baum likes natural beauty
TV star Henning Baum loves natural beauty. © TVNOW

Henning Baum loves natural beauty. That’s why the actor also thinks women don’t need silicone.

The social ideals of beauty do not make it easy for women. A woman should be slim but still curvy, sporty but still feminine – the list of requirements is incredibly long. All nonsense, says Henning Baum (49). The actor is a real heartthrob himself, but likes natural beauty – also when it comes to women’s bust sizes.

Because an expensive visit to the beauty doc does not have to be, the TV star is convinced. “A bosom must hang! That’s easy to understand. It looks strange when silicone is used to neutralize natural gravity. It looks strange,” he says in an interview with the magazine New post. So if you think breast augmentation is the key to happiness, you’re wrong. “It doesn’t look that lively,” says Henning Baum. A refreshing opinion that many women would certainly like to hear more often.

Henning Baum would like to be lazy, but he can’t

When it comes to his own body, however, the ‘The Last Bull’ actor is a lot stricter. For this reason, he regularly struggles with dumbbell training to steel his muscles. Of course, this is particularly pleasing to his female viewers. However, Henning Baum does not want to show off his intensive sports program – quite the opposite. “I might do a bit of gymnastics,” he says modestly.

In fact, he is more of a couch potato by nature. “I’m actually unsportsmanlike and an idler. I actually like being lazy. I noticed that as a child,” admits the native of Essen openly. However, a comment from his grandmother changed everything: “My grandmother always said: ‘Idleness is the beginning of all vices.’ It got so ingrained in me that I can no longer be idle.” Actually, there’s nothing Baum would rather do than shift down several gears in life. In such moments, however, he promptly had the words of his grandmother in his ear. “I’d like to lie behind the stove and laze around, but I can’t do it,” he admits.