TV star Panagiota Petridou has secretly become a mom

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Of: Julia Hanigk

TV star Panagiota Petridou has secretly become a mom
Panagiota Petridou secretly became a mother. (Photomontage) © Screenshot Instagram/panagiota_petridou (2)

TV star Panagiota Petridou secretly became a mother in February. The 42-year-old now announces this on Instagram. The celebrities are excited.

Düsseldorf – Panagiota “Jota” Petridou became a mother in February, as the German-Greek TV presenter and car saleswoman now shares with her fans on Instagram via reel. Among them, numerous celebrities also comment and send congratulations, as reported by

“Silently and secretly become a mom” – Panagiota Petridou reveals sweet secret about Instagram absence

Together with her partner, “we’re still grooving into the new world,” admits Panagiota Petridou. She became a mother in February, as she now announces. Why is she only doing this now? “The pregnancy was a private experience for me,” says the 42-year-old. All are well.

That’s why she now summarizes the time of pregnancy for her followers by reel and shows one photo of herself per month. “I quietly and secretly became a mom in February. Hardly anyone noticed because I only had a small stomach. I thought myself that the baby would be born in the garage.”, Panagiota Petridou jokes under her Instagram reel. The TV star has not yet revealed the gender of the child.

Followers excited by baby news at Panagiota Petridou

Under the Instagram post, Petridou’s followers are delighted. Many prominent faces comment and congratulate. “Oh how nice that you made it public! I’m very happy for you,” writes Riccardo Simonetti, for example. “OMG,” says Rebecca Mir. Ruth Moschner, on the other hand, adds with a grin smiley: “Wonderful! But I’ll put it this way, a few people did notice it.”

Instagram comments on Panagiota Petridou's baby news.
Many celebrities reacted to the baby news. © Screenshot Instagram/panagiota_petridou (2)

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