TV star Tobias Licht ran over his own son with the lawnmower

The then two-year-old fell under the machine and was injured. Now actor Tobias Licht is talking about the accident, which is still affecting him today.

It was a “failure of the moment”, as Tobias Licht describes it in retrospect. The TV star, who is best known for series such as “Unter Uns”, “Everything that counts” or “Die Inselärztin”, reports in the podcast of his colleague André Dietz about an accident that happened two years ago with his son Carl .

At his horse farm in Brandenburg, the actor took the then two-year-old with him to gardening on the ride-on lawnmower. His son then wanted to get off. “I finished mowing another corner, look and see him three meters away from me. Suddenly I turn around again and then there’s a bang and then he lay with one leg underneath,” says the 44-year-old.

“Anything could have happened at that moment,” he knows today. But Carl was lucky in his misfortune: the little one suffered a fractured fibula and several cuts. A skin graft was necessary, but no permanent damage remained. In the meantime, “everything is fine again” and his son’s health for Tobias Licht is “the greatest happiness of my life, winning the lottery”.