TV station rows back – and gets ridiculed

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A survey by ZDF for Christmas backfired.Image: dpa / Sebastian Gollnow


Jennifer Ullrich

Christmas celebrations are a big topic for most families year after year. ZDF therefore launched a survey via its social media channels just in time for the festival, based on the following premise: What is on the table in Germany at Christmas?

However, the result presented quickly caused irritation, because the broadcaster misinterpreted its own vote. In the meantime, ZDF has rowed back with a post.

ZDF irritates with survey for Christmas

From the chart released, it appeared that most people prefer “vegetarian”. The bar (representing the number of voters) behind the option was the longest. However, it became problematic with the placements behind them.

The top ten also includes classics such as potato salad with sausage, roast goose, duck, schnitzel and turkey – all dishes that are definitely not vegetarian and which, in the sum of their advocates, clearly surpass the “vegetarian” option.

The statistics are therefore a contradiction in terms, because the majority of Germans prefer meat at Christmas. Numerous people immediately referred to this on social media. What was also strange was the fact that all the vegetarian dishes from ZDF were grouped together in one category and not, like the meat dishes, were voted on individually. This further distorted the image.

ZDF rows back after breakdown

Finally, ZDF also recognized the error and revealed itself in an Instagram post. It says: “Thank you for the many pointers to our unfortunate and annoying error. We wrote that most of the participants in our survey want to eat vegetarian at Christmas. But that doesn’t give the mood – as many have correctly pointed out here – of course.”

An actually harmless survey on the subject of food backfired for ZDF.

An actually harmless survey on the subject of food backfired for ZDF.Image: dpa / Christophe Gateau

Despite the apology, however, criticism and ridicule rained down in the comments. A user rants:

“Okay, wow! Shortly before the end of the year you actually still secure the award for the worst presentation and interpretation of a survey in 2022!”

This user agrees, even though he describes himself as a vegetarian: “That’s at least misleading, maybe intentional?” Is his devastating conclusion. He also speaks of the “worst graphics of the year”.

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