“TV total”: Sebastian Pufpaff with faux pas – “Godlessly funny!”

“TV total”: Sebastian Pufpaff with an embarrassing faux pas – but fans are upset about something completely different

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a crowd favourite

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a crowd favourite

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The ProSieben Showtotally“It wasn’t easy on Wednesday. Joko and Klaas were to blame for this, as they caused boredom with the 15 minutes they played on ProSieben. The audience immediately hoped for a lot of entertainment from Sebastian Pufpaff – but he made an embarrassing mistake!

In addition, the latest “totally‘ issue a single annoyance for viewers.

“TV total” with Sebastian Pufpaff is as bad as ever

When it became known that “totally‘ would celebrate a comeback, the fans would be over the moon. But six months after the start of the new edition, the audience still hasn’t gotten used to their favorite show without the original moderator Stefan Raab.

However, that is not the only problem. While many simply don’t find “TV total” without Raab funny, others criticize the show’s crude humor. It hasn’t changed much since the 2000s, but the times have. Coarse jokes at the expense of others, which would have been applauded as funny back then, are now harshly criticized on the Internet.

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New “TV total” episode bores viewers – “Godlessly unfunny!”

After Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko Winterscheidt had made the ProSieben audience switch off in their “15 Minutes Live” with probably the most boring edition of all time (find out more here >>>), many were looking forward to an even more exciting episode of ” Totally TV”. However, this expectation does not seem to have been fulfilled, as various comments on Twitter prove:

  • “New ‘TV total’ godlessly unfunny!”
  • “Watching ‘Tv total’ for the first time because I want to see Sophie. how bad is that please And that’s what’s on at prime time?”
  • “I found the sound of ‘Joko & Klaas Live’ less annoying than the screaming of ‘TV total’ right now.”
  • “Do you have to pay for tickets to ‘TV total’ or do you get paid as a viewer?”
  • “And now ‘TV total’ is still running without Stefan Raab. Isn’t anything sacred, Digga?”
  • “I’m watching ‘TV total’ for the very first time and the moderator Sebastian Pufpaff is just so incredibly unfunny. Just spelled the complicated name of a PoC-BILD moderator with ‘H as in Hit*er’. Unfunny to the power of 100 & completely out of place!”
  • “Sorry, but no. I really can’t give myself that. Until next week”

Apart from the fact that the spectators weren’t holding their stomachs with laughter, an embarrassing faux pas by moderator Sebastian Puffpaf caused a shake of the network.

“TV total”: Sebastian Pufpaff makes a fool of himself

The reason: The 45-year-old does not seem to be particularly familiar with the history of his own station. He proved that when he had GNTM participant Sophie as a guest towards the end of the show and played a quiz on Heidi Klum’s show with her. Among other things, Sophie should name three former “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidates, who were later seen in the “jungle camp”.


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After Gina-Lisa Lohfink, Sophie named Micaela Schäfer, who actually became known in 2006 through her participation in GNTM. Pufpaff, who seemed ill-prepared, thought that was the wrong answer. “Unless there was also a porn version of Germany’s next top model,” joked the moderator.

An embarrassment for the viewers: “Micaela Schäfer was with GNTM. First season 2006. Mr. Puffpaff is misinformed”, a user annoys on Twitter. (alp)

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