Two people are linked to the process in the case of actor Octavio Ocaña

A man and a woman, who worked as investigative police officers and paramedics, respectively, were linked to process for his probable responsibility in the crime against respect for the dead and violations of burial laws and exhumation, to the detriment of the late actor Octavio Ocana.

According to the Edomex Judicial Power, in a hearing to resolve the legal situation of the accused, a month was authorized as a complementary investigation period and that the precautionary measure imposed on both subsists.

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According to the investigation folder, on October 29, 2021, Marcelina “N” and Raúl “N”, paramedic and investigation police respectively, would have used their cell phones outside of what is permitted by law, to take pictures of the body. of the actor of the series “Neighbors”

On March 17, the judge suspended a police officer and a paramedic from their duties for the dissemination of images of the death of actor Octavio Ocaña.

“According to the investigation folder, on October 29, 2021, the paramedic and the investigation policeman used their cell phones outside of what was permitted by law and took photographs of the body of Octavio Ocaña, who in life worked as an actor”, state the legal arguments.

The interpreter of “Benito” apparently died of an accidental shot after a police chase that occurred on the Lechería-Chamapa highway.

Article published in El Sol de Toluca