Ugo Lartiche in contact with his comrades from Koh-Lanta? His candid response

The fans of Koh Lanta had designated Ugo Lartiche as the big winner of the All-Stars edition, marred by cheating cases. Months later, Ugo told TV Star that his incredible journey had opened doors for him and given him the desire to retrain.

The legend of the All-Stars edition of Koh Lanta, it was him ! Ugo Lartiche may not have won this edition tainted by cases of cheating, but he accomplished a lot of exploits in this adventure. His six qualifications in the arena, his four immunities, his express victory in the orientation test earned him to dethrone Claude Dartois as the darling of the survival game faithful. A sacred reference when you know the aura of the holder of the record of individual events, whose superhero cape was soiled by these papayas offered by the inhabitant.

Ugo never wanted to overwhelm his comrades, staying away from controversy and preferring to keep the best of this experience. Months after a rushed final, TV Star went to find the father of the family in the vicinity of Perpignan, where the bird lover is preparing for a career change. “I want to turn a page after fifteen years spent with the birds of prey. I want to do a job more in contact with nature. I’m 40, it’s time to get started,” recognizing that this spotlight allowed him to sort out the proposals, “not always interesting”. And to add, still straight in his boots: “Anyway, I don’t want to be flirted with.”

“We are in contact but we speak little”

On the other hand, he seems to have drawn a definitive line on Koh Lanta, and on all who sent him fissa to the isle of the banished. When asked if he has stayed in touch with Laurent Maistret and the others, Ugo is as cash as when he only had cassava for dinner. “Yes always, but we speak very little. And the distance doesn’t help… I’m in Perpignan, at the other end of France, far from their world”, he indicates. His will soon revolve around a whole new activity.