Ukraine, the favorite in the polls, wins Eurovision 2022

kalush orchestra at eurovision 2022


    It was the favorite country in the bookmakers, which a few hours before the final showed a 62% chance of winning. And so it has been. The band Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday in Turin, Italy, thanks to a historic ‘sorpasso’ after receiving 439 points from the televote. Previously, scored by the professional jury, they had obtained a fourth place. In total, 631 points made the song ‘Stefania’ the undisputed winner of the musical event. Behind the Ukrainian band, the United Kingdom was positioned with an impeccable Sam Ryder defending ‘Space Man’ tooth and nail, while the bronze went for a brilliant chanell that made the Pala Alpitour shake with ‘Slomo’.

    A victory that in social networks has quickly been associated with political terms and that, if we stick to the aforementioned bookmakers, was outlined as the favorite once last February the war that they maintain with Russia. Be that as it may, the folk rhythm that intermingled rap and some characteristic flute sounds have been made with the long-awaited glass microphone in an edition that, after being finalized, raises as many future doubts.

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    And now what about Eurovision 2023?

    At the moment, it is unknown if the European Broadcasting Union, together with the one that should host the festival next year, will bet on holding Eurovision in Ukraine in 2023. A scenario that is diffuse due to the delicate political situation that accuses to the people and that could lead to an alternative that would involve organizing in another voluntary country. For now, in case it finally fell on Spain, the mayors of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Torremolinos have already applied to host the profitable European event.

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    Likewise, it is worth highlighting the milestone that this third place has meant for Spain, an achievement that we have not obtained since 1995 when Anabel Conde took second place thanks to the song ‘Come back to me’. There is no doubt that, after the controversial Benidorm Fest and a hard-fought edition of Eurovision that has had us in suspense from the first moment, a star has been born whose musical projection knows no limits or ceiling. Chanel Terrero, at 31 years old and with a media career that barely began four months ago, is already the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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