Ukraine wins the song contest

Europe set a sign for peace. As expected, Ukraine wins the ESC.

song contest Five times the legendary sentence “Ukraine: 12 points”. 192 points from the expert jury (4th place) but none of them from Austria and an unrivaled 439 votes from the audience – victory for the Ukraine at the 66th Song Contest in Turin. As expected, the six-piece rap-folk collective Kalush Orchestra prevailed overnight with the driving ethnohymn Stefania. Europe also gave a loud signal for peace and against Vladimir Putin. “Every victory of Ukraine in a competition is currently also a victory over Russia,” said frontman Oleh Psiuk from the heart of Europe

jubilation and trembling. The Kalush Orchestra, which was only allowed to travel to Italy thanks to a special permit from the Ukrainian government, started the race yesterday as the absolute top favorites in the usual shrill and musically exhausting bombast show: with an unprecedented 60 percent chance of winning. And number one with all (!) bookmakers. That’s why there was only a minimal profit of just 29 cents per euro for her victory.

Conchita as a fan. Our ESC Queen Conchita, who delivered a hot paint and net show on the Red Capret, also kept her fingers crossed for them: “Even regardless of this situation, it would be justified if they win!”

Forbidden Politics. Even her appearance, which ended with the forbidden political slogan “Please help Ukraine, Mariupol, help Azov-Stahl now” and thus even narrowly missed disqualification, was greeted by the 12,000 fans in the Pali Alpitour Hall celebrated with standing ovations. The winners of hearts.

Long tremor. Nevertheless, the Kalush Orchestra had to worry until 1:03 am. The voting was again an extremely lengthy and artificially extended nail-biter.

beaten. For Sam Ryder from England, who would have easily won in any other year, only place 2 remained. But the Austrian expert jury still awarded 12 points. Spain finished third. Austria was eliminated in the preliminary round.