Umberto Veloz resumes his solo career with a mariachi version of El triste – El Sol de México

After more than a decade of absence as artist lonely, Umberto Veloz returns to the scene with a new version of the theme The sad, composition of Roberto Cantoral and in which the Mexican allowed himself to experiment with the mariachi genre.

For him artistthis is like a settled debt, especially because of the promise he made a few years ago to Cantoral to interpret one of his compositions.

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“Years ago in McAllen I had the opportunity to meet the Songmaster and I was singing in a bohemia with him and I promised him that I was going to record one of his songs for him and, without a doubt, this is one of the most iconic, most mythical for the singers. It was a great honor to interpret it and to do it in a mariachi version.

“For me it is like connecting not only with my Mexican roots but also with my history, since my mother was singer as a rancher, she left her career when she was pregnant with me and she always insisted that I record mariachi songs. On my tours in Colombia I began to sing with a mariachi and it has become something valuable for my career because I take our culture around the world,” Veloz said in an interview.

One of the curiosities is that it is the first mexican tenor who released the topic in format NFTsthat is, with a virtual value and that each person can acquire for the price that best suits them.

Proceeds from the theme will go to Casa Azul AC Foundation Completing Smilesfocused on comprehensive care for low-income patients with cleft lip and palate.

“The NFT’s have a musical value that connects people, you acquire a title of value in which you are part of a NFTs Let’s say a digital stamp.

“The evolution was from MP3 to itunes oh SpotifyNow this NFT is the new era of music because it generates value in the person who acquires it and has more direct contact; In this case, it is used to have a better social impact, so that the people who buy it can help many people in Casa Azul”, he expressed.

Veloz assured that he is not afraid of the criticism that could exist between his song and the one popularized by José José. She acknowledged that she admires the late singer’s talent, even that she was an inspiration to him at some point; Today, he considers that the styles of both are different, so there will be no problem with the fans of the songsaid.

“We are two totally different voices, I cannot even compare myself in any aspect with him. He is one of the greatest singers in history, he sang valuable songs from Latin American music, I do not pretend to be him, nor compete in that aspect, simply to have the honor of interpreting a song”.

After the death of his parents, the singer isolated himself for twelve years, stopped to sing and only focused on producing artists, composing songs for others, as well as melodramas.

“Currently I am very involved in the transformation as a human being, I punished myself after the death of my parents, it was very hard for me not to be on stage, producing others instead of myself. to sing And there came a time when in Colombia there was an opportunity for him to return to the stage and that was where everything turned out. This year is very active for my career, ”he said.

Returning to the path that he is most passionate about, Veloz prepares a new album which he describes as nostalgic. It will also continue to offer coaching sessions, motivating the public to make changes in their lives, through the revelation of their own experiences and providing positive messages, in any project they carry out.

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“The most important thing to develop in any area of ​​your life is to learn to manage your emotions, your mind and everything that has to do with your being, that is what will give you results, not take anything personally, understand that everything you happens is an opportunity to grow.

“If you see the problem that is presented to you as a life opportunity to take you to the next level, you will improve a lot. What I am very clear about is that you come into this world for something bigger than you, beyond what you want or desire. Experiences of your life, benefits and everything that you could generate the success you may have, if you do not share it with others, you cease to have value as a human being ”, he concluded.