Unforgettable speeches from the Oscars 2022

Winning an Oscar is one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences for those who dedicate their lives to the film industry and some moments of acceptance of the award become the most remembered of the galas.

During the most anticipated night of the year in the film industry, Hollywood’s brightest stars they dress in their best clothes to parade down the red carpet that captures the eyes of the entire world and prepare to deliver the most inspiring speeches.

Next we remember the most memorable speeches of the winners of the golden statuettes during the ninth fortieth Oscar Awards ceremony held on March 27 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California.

American actor, Troy Kotsurwon the Oscar Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his masterful performance in the film “CODA” and on a historic night he became the first deaf actor to win the coveted golden statuette.

Upon receiving the golden statuette, the 53-year-old legendary actor dedicated his victory to his father in sign language, thanked his family for their unconditional support and shared his extraordinary achievement with the deaf and disabled community around the world.

“It’s amazing to be here on this journey. I can’t believe I’m here. Thank you so much to everyone at the academy for recognizing my work. It’s really amazing that our Coda movie has reached the whole world. I just wanted to say that this is dedicated to the Deaf Community, the CODA Community, and the Disabled Community. This is our time.”

American actor, Will Smithwon the Oscar Award in the category of Best Actor for his performance in the film “King Richard” and upon receiving the golden statuette he apologized for hitting comedian Chris Rock in the middle of the ceremony for making fun of his wife.

During his speech, the actor originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, apologized for the incident that left the attendees stunned, grabbed the headlines of the international press and went viral, and described his behavior as “a defense for his family and wife”. .

“My calling is to love people and protect people. I know that to do what we do you have to put up with abuse and in this business you have to put up with disrespect, you have to smile and pretend everything is okay. I want to apologize to the Academy and my fellow nominees. This is a beautiful moment.”

American actress,
Jessica Chastainrose in the category of
Best actress for his impeccable performance in the film
“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” where he contended for the coveted golden statuette alongside actresses Olivia Colman, Penélope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and Kristen Stewart.

The acclaimed 45-year-old actress took advantage of the media attention to denounce the implementation in the United States of the bill known as
“Don’t Say Gay” with which Republicans intend to veto references to gender diversity in elementary schools.

“Many people out there feel hopeless and lonely and suicide is one of the leading causes of death in America and it has touched many families, and many members of the LGBTQ community who sometimes feel out of place, we We face discrimination and laws that are shaking our country with the goal of further dividing us.”