Unofficial stoner day: celebrities celebrate 420

Unofficial stoner day
Celebrities celebrate 420

420 is the code word for smoking weed and is unofficially considered “marijuana holiday”. What some have been celebrating in secret for years is now celebrated publicly at festivals. Among the party-goers are a number of celebrities wishing a “happy 4/20” with big blunts in their mouths.

April 20th (US spelling 4/20) is considered an unofficial “marijuana holiday” not only in the USA, on which the intoxicant is extensively celebrated. The number goes back to five friends from San Rafael, California, who used a map to try to locate an abandoned cannabis plantation in the fall of 1971. To do this, they identified a meeting point at their high school as the location and 4:20 pm (4:20 pm) as the time for their meeting. Over time, it simply became 420 and the number became the code word for smoking weed.

A code word is no longer needed in many places these days, and in the wake of decriminalization and legalization efforts, cannabis products are no longer just on the up in the US. On April 20, not only are there traditionally various festivals where marijuana lovers can let off steam (or smoke pot), celebrities also celebrate the date like a holiday.

Snoop Dogg, who is probably one of the most well-known stoners of all time, made the start. In his Instagram stories, the rapper shared dozens of photos of himself with big blunts in his mouth and also wished his fans a “happy 4/20”.

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(Photo: Instagram/Snoop Doog)

Later in the day, the 50-year-old rapper – who once revealed in an interview that he has an employee who is solely responsible for rolling joints (and makes up to $50,000 a year doing it) – shared an Instagram post from the XXL -Magazine. It stars Snoop Dogg with colleague Wiz Khalifa and Hollywood star Seth Rogen, all smoking absurdly thick joints.

420 without Snoop Dogg? Impossible, Rita Ora must have thought. Because the singer also celebrated the pothead day with what appears to be an older and blurred recording with the rapper. In it, the two are just about to take a picture of two joints they are holding. Looking at the two, it’s safe to assume that these aren’t the first two joints they’ve smoked.

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(Photo: Instagram/Rita Ora)

Machine Gun Kelly used the holiday to release the trailer for his new film Good Mourning, which is due out on May 20th. In the stoner comedy, the 30-year-old plays a musician who is dumped by his girlfriend. His friends (among them Pete Davidson) want to cheer him up and spend a wild day with him, where they take a lot of drugs and get into some bizarre situations. Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly’s fiancee, also stars in the trailer.

Alongside the trailer, Colson Baker, the musician’s real name, also shared a 420 story. The meme recounts the first conversation he had with his fiancee, which they spoke to GQ Style in December. Megan Fox revealed at the time that Baker suddenly stood in front of him at an event. “I looked up at him and thought, ‘You smell like weed.’ He looked down at me and said, ‘I am grass.’ And then, I swear to God, he disappeared like a ninja with a smoke bomb.”

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(Photo: Instagram/Machine Gun Kelly)

Instead of just one story, Alicia Keys even dedicated an entire Instagram post to 420. The ‘Fallin” singer shared a brief clip of herself lighting up a joint and apparently enjoying it during an interview with

Apparently, rapper Nick Cannon also enjoyed a joint: “I have big clouds over my head Big clouds and they’re raining on me (..) I wear this crown like a king,” the rapper sings in his famous song “Clouds “, which he shares on his Instagram story in honor of 420. R&B singer Mariah Carey’s ex has reason to celebrate anyway. Just a few weeks ago he became a father for the eighth time.

The radio station “The Breakfast Club 105.1FM” shares an interview with Wiz Khalifa in celebration of the holiday, with hip-hop artist Stoner answering questions. However, this is not about answering questions about marijuana, but about a highly philosophical Q&A in which the hip hopper stated, among other things, that water tastes like water and that the world is basically an unfair place. When asked, “If soap falls on the floor, is the floor clean or is the soap dirty?” the hip-hopper chose the latter.

US comedian Jimmy Kimmel also makes a clear statement about 420: “Cannabis has become so widespread that even morning newscasters get into the 420 spirit!” he jokes on Instagram. In his video, the comedian lined up several excerpts from US news channels that wished their viewers a “Happy 4/20”.

Weed lover Lil Wayne also wants to celebrate 420 with his fans and proudly presents himself with a joint in his mouth on the colorful cover of “Honeysuckle”. To celebrate the holiday, the magazine features a variety of young artists who represent far more than just cannabis. “This year, Honeysuckle is making 420 with Young Money, one of the hottest cohorts of musical talent working today!” writes the magazine.

“What was once called ‘Weed Day’ is now an expression of all kinds of freedom,” is the message from the Honeysuckle.