Unprecedented, Ikea is launching an anti-heat wave product at a mini price that will revolutionize your nights!

Why is it hard to sleep when it’s hot?

You probably didn’t miss it. The hotter it is, the harder it is to fall asleep. So you try some techniques, like taking a cool shower just before going to bed. If you don’t have air conditioning, your nights can turn into a real nightmare. However, it is completely normal to have difficulty falling asleep in the middle of summer. Simply because, to fall asleep, the body needs to cool down. Gold, if the outside temperature is high, the body finds it difficult to lower its internal temperature.

This applies as much to humans as it does to animals. And if you have trouble falling asleep, the quality of sleep is also lower. In any case, this is what Katerina Espa Cervena, from the Sleep Laboratory of the University Hospitals of Geneva, says: “Destudies on humans, but also other animals, have shown that when it is hot, we sleep less, with fragmentary sleep and with poorer quality (…) It’s just a quesiton of habit. There is also a psychological factor that plays a huge role.Indeed, since you fear sleeping badly because of the heat, then this anxiety also keeps sleep away. Hence nights much more restless and much less restful than in winter.

However, the body does not lose many degrees to fall asleep. We are talking about 0.5 degrees. But when, in your room, the temperatures fly away, it makes the task of the body very complicated. Fortunately, Ikea thought of you.


Ikea: A refreshing textile for better sleep

The Swedish brand is releasing a cold textile on its shelves to help you get to sleep. This is how she presents this product which makes you really want: ” Too hot to sleep? Wrap this textile around your pillow or place it on the mattress; the coolness will help you relax and fall asleep. For an extra cooling effect, put it in the fridge before using“.

It is indeed advisable to place the textile a few minutes or even an hour before falling asleep. Once lying on it, it is a pleasant feeling of freshness that invades you. Thus, it is easier to fall asleep quickly since your body has less difficulty falling asleep.

The good news is that this product is offered at a very attractive price, around ten euros. And as the summer has just begun, it is a purchase that presents itself as essential. Indeed, since the heat returns were beaten in May and especially in June, we can legitimately expect to be very hot in July and August, the two months of the year when it is the hottest.

Moreover, this kind of purchase is much more interesting for the planet than air conditioning. Admittedly, it is much easier to fall asleep with air conditioning that cools the surrounding air. But this is not good news for the planet and global warming. To find sleep, we prefer the fan, which consumes much less energy. To get fresh air, we recommend placing a damp cloth on the fan. If you want to sleep with the fan, remember to place it far enough from your body, and not point it towards your head. You may wake up with a sore throat.


Think of Lidl’s air freshener to sleep better

Lidl pleases the French by offering a small air freshener for only 20 euros. With its 700 ml water tank, this device can cool a room like the bedroom quickly. Especially if you put ice cubes in the tank, so that it goes even faster. The price obviously makes you want to, especially when you know that you can sleep much better. Between that and the refreshing textile of the Ikea brand, your summer nights promise to be much more pleasant, without having air conditioning at home.

So do not hesitate and go quickly to one of the stores mentioned to take advantage of these essential products to survive the high heat and not be very tired every summer day.

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