Unpredictable and peculiar: Ulrike Folkerts still has a lot of desire for her “crime scene” character

“Tatort” commissioner Ulrike Folkerts still has a lot of desire for her film character Lena Odenthal after more than 70 episodes. “She’s a part of me and vice versa. I love playing this character and bringing it to life with all my acting skills,” says Folkerts. Lena is still very different from herself.

“Lonely and married to her job, she has no friends other than her co-workers. She’s solitary and unpredictable at times. I like that about her.” The most recent Sunday thriller “Marlon” about the death of a child was the investigator’s 75th case.

More than three decades Lena Odenthal

“When our screenplays are good like Karlotta Ehrenberg’s “Marlon”, it’s particularly easy for me to take an interest in it and do everything I can to make it a really good film,” says the 61-year-old. About the Dortmund “Tatort”, where her colleague Anna Schudt recently died in a serial death, she says: “I think Anna has chosen the right time for herself and will play new, interesting roles. Lena Odenthal has been attached to me for more than 30 years . That means I would have to completely reinvent myself.” She still hopes that she will also be offered other roles. “Despite this determination.”

She doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon, says Folkerts. “When the time comes, I will think carefully about how Lena Odenthal gets out. At the moment I would be more sympathetic to new adventures.”