Until money separates us: this is what Rosaura looks like now

Among the countless characters of Till money do us part that managed to establish themselves in the memory and hearts of viewers, without a doubt, is Rosaura Suarez de la Pena.

In the successful Colombian telenovela, rosaura is a woman from high society who, due to a setback in life, is forced to work as a saleswoman in Colombianautos, the company where the plot takes place.

Thanks to her presumed economic and social position in the upper class of Bogota, De la Peña is known by everyone at the dealership as the “aristocratic” member of the sales group.

Throughout history, released in 2006, in addition to being noted for her status and limited general culture, this employee stands out for spend your money on shopping and your passion for gossip.

rose in "Till money do us part"

Behind this unforgettable character, who also suffers from the collapse of her marriage due to infidelity, the renowned Colombian actress was impeccable. Maria Helena Doering.

At that time, the interpreter had already been shining on television in her country for years, but thanks to this role -one of the darlings of the public- gained more recognition and affection.

Since then, More than three decades have passed in which much has happened in all scenarios of the life of the talented star.

Rosaura’s change of Till money do us part

Currently, Doering is 59 years old.the passage of time has benefited her because she looks as beautiful as ever and It is still valid in the artistic medium.

After his extraordinary performance in Till money do us partthe interpreter continued unbeatable building her remarkable acting career on television, film and theater.

On the small screen, since the last time she gave life to Rosaura de De la Peña, the actress has been part of the cast of other 15 productions televisionaccording to Imdb.

Victory (2007-2008), The Pola (2010-2011), poor rich (2012-2013), law of the heart 2 (2018-2019), nurses (2021) and Last minute (2021) are some novels in which he has acted.

On the other hand, on the big screen, the Modern Contemporary Literature graduate has shone playing all kinds of characters in numerous film projects.

Among some of the films in which he acted after Till money do us part they find each other The soap opera writer (2011), The Firefly (2013) and green butterflies (2017), to name a few.

While on the boards Maria Helena He has also shown his great talent, dedication and professionalism in different stagings, such as the play Techniques to love.

As for her personal life, the eternal Rosaura de Till money do us part she is married for the second time to the architect Eduardo Escobar Botero since 1995.

Together with her gallant, the model with more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram he fathered his only son, Alexanderwho is currently around 22 years old and inherited her great beauty.