“Up my people” vs. “América Hoy”: What program led the rating this April 25? | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

On April 25, the program “Arriba mi gente” was premiered in style by the Latina signal under the leadership of Mathías Brivio, Gianella Neyra, Karina Borrero and Santi Lesmes. This new production competed in the same time slot with “America Today”, and here we tell you how each entertainment space fared in the rating.

The new magazine that replaced the disappeared program “Mujeres al Mando” promised an exclusive interview with Gianluca Lapadula for its debut, however, many were disappointed to see that the member of the Peruvian team only sent a greeting.

For its part, the América Televisión program presented at the same time a new chapter of the love breakup of Florcita Polo and Néstor Villanueva and also featured the explosive statements of Susy Díaz.

Who led in the rating?

The premiere of “Arriba mi gente” generated great expectations, however, it obtained 4.4 rating points in Hogares Lima, while “América Hoy managed to prevail in the new space after achieving 5.8 points, according to data from Ibope Media.

What programs were the most watched?

1.- Maricucha (15 points)

2.- This is War (14.6 points)

3.- Neighborhood Council (14 points)

4.- América Noticias (12.5 points)

5.- The Miracles of the rose / AFTERNOON 1 (11.2)

6.- Andrea (11 points)

7.- Magaly TV La Firme (11.1 points)


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