Urssaf will collect contributions from 2023!

Supplementary retirement is a subject that can raise many questions. But it can also bring big decisions, depending on the different predefined aspects. So theUrssaf will be ready to collect contributions from 2023!

Retirement, a very complicated aspect to take into account?

Some topics seem quite difficult to bring forward in different situations.

Indeed, there are many of them in France, which makes it possible to raise different questions. And you should know that money is an aspect that can also raise different questions.

The latter may also be related to retirement in some cases. Indeed, you are aware that many people who receive this contribution are not satisfied.

For this, the amounts are quite variable, but for people who have less experience, it can vary greatly. You should know that the pension system is quite difficult to take into account, because it can have many consequences. Especially with the various price increases that are being felt. And it also seems to increase the difficulty of everyday life for these people.

Thus, for 2023, Urssaf seems ready to give contributions for the supplementary pension. Big news that could have quite a big impact.

Urssaf could recover contributions for 2023!

It should be noted that the contribution for supplementary pensions is subject to various questions.

Current pensioners are given by the State, which allows them to have a similar amount each month. And the latter is calculated in particular according to the experiences and years of work that the people who request this service have had.

But, according to the law, the contributions for the supplementary pension should be given by Urssaf by 2023.

An aspect that may seem quite crucial and judicious at first glance, but which can bring many worries.

Indeed, know that this law can have a significant gain, which would be estimated at more than 700 million euros.

So, be aware that although this law has been passed by the Senate, it can have great consequences. The Senate’s Social Security evaluation and control mission presented its investigation report on Tuesday on the unified collection of contributions by Urssaf, which should be made public.

And she asks that this law be delayed for a year. Thus, according to the latter, the law should be applicable for the year 2024. And this, in particular in order to avoid a very serious tragedy for the French economy.

The operation is not insignificant, since with 83 billion euros of additional contributions to be collected, Urssaf should increase its total collection by 20%.

But be aware that for many years, there has been a retirement recovery plan by the Urssaf. This is not an aspect that is new, but this new law could have an aspect that is quite difficult for some people to take into account.

Supplementary pension: a new introduction of the pension contribution!

Several details are made on this type of contributions which are set up for Urssaf.

Thus, you should know that Yann-Gaël Amghar wanted to clarify the following thing: “ There was also the RSI, successfully integrated in 2018, then a very strong acceleration in recent years, with in particular the Social Security financing law for 2020 which programmed many transfers in terms of Social Security contributions.“.

But that’s not all, because concerning this new business on retirement, the latter thus specifies the following thing: ” The professional future law of 2018 also organized transfers in the work sphere such as that of the apprenticeship tax“.

Thus, measures have still been put in place to be able to make a smooth transition. Indeed, the decree n° 2021-1532 of November 26, 2021 specifies that the effective date of this reform is fixed at January 1, 2023 and provides that the year 2022 will be used for the realization of a pilot which will secure the processes and technical modalities of the transfer.

But this could have difficulties concerning this assumption of the contributions of the complementary pension.

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