Ursula Strauss describes traumatic experiences

Today she is a tough woman who has asserted herself in the film business. Nevertheless, it was feelings of fear and lack of freedom that led Ursula Strauss to become a UN ambassador for “Orange the World” on the topic of “violence against women”. In an interview with the “Bunte” she talks about exactly the experiences that traumatized her as a young girl.

Strauss: ”I haven’t entered a swimming pool for years”

Every woman knows that. Attacks in public spaces are not uncommon. When an older teenager keeps submerging a girl in the pool and she kicks around in a panic. When attacks happen at a young age that not only have violent but also sexual connotations, it can be so traumatizing that you feel fear for years. For example, I haven’t entered swimming pools for years,” she describes her terrible experiences.

Traumatizing: ”A man ornated in front of me”

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When Strauss was 15 years old, she was sitting alone on a train: “When an older man sat down across from me and started to masturbate openly. I froze and couldn’t move for minutes. At some point I managed to wake up from my rigidity, and ran off the train with a fever of 39 degrees,” she says. The stranger actually made her not only mentally but also physically ill through his actions. “I couldn’t tell anyone about it for a long time because I was so ashamed.” It is precisely for this reason that she wants to help women who are suffering a much worse fate. “Last year there were 31 femicides in Austria and 218 in Germany.” She wanted to make the topic more present.