US comedian Dave Chappelle: At the Netflix live event: Attacked by viewers with a knife

The American comedian Dave Chappelle (48) had to survive a tremendous moment of shock. The star performed Tuesday night (May 3) at the Hollywood Bowl outdoor stage in Los Angeles for the live show Netflix is ​​a Joke. Footage from the event shows a man suddenly rushing at Chappelle and throwing him to the ground. Within seconds, however, the security forces had the attacker, according to NBC News a 23-year-old man, under control and off the stage.

Nothing is known about the motives of the perpetrator. However, after the attack, officials apparently secured a dummy firearm from him, from which a blade can be extended. He is therefore in custody for the time being due to the attack with a deadly weapon. According to the report, $30,000 was requested as bail.

Celebrity Savior

Chappelle was therefore unharmed and was able to continue his stand-up program without further incident. In fact, he thanked a prominent guest at the event, who appeared to be one of the first to intervene: Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (54, “Ray”). “Huge thanks to Jamie Foxx. Whenever you’re in trouble, Jamie Foxx shows up in a sheriff’s hat,” Chappelle joked. Foxx attended the event with an eye-catching hat.

Dave Chappelle has recently come under increasing criticism for his jokes about trans people and is said to have even joked on stage shortly before the incident that he had to strengthen his security due to the anger of the trans community.