Users point out Lucía Méndez as dirty and uncivil for not collecting poop from her puppy

Mexico City.- Once again Lucia Mendez is on everyone’s lips after circulating a video, which went viral, where she is exposed as a bad citizen, this after the images show the actress walking down the street and when her pet defecates, she leaves the feces thrown away and continues its passage.

This action upset thousands of Internet users who assure that it is very irresponsible on their part to walk their pet without picking up their feces, in addition to the action of Lucía who did it without any qualms.

The actress and singer from León was captured by the imminent lens that does not lie of the camera of the entertainment program of aztec tvWindowing, while taking a walk as part of the recordings that the production house is making Heart Films in the streets of Mexico City.

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The singer left the feces of her pet on the street and did not care. Photo: Special.

It is known that the interpreter of “Colorina” was summoned to a well-known CDMX funeral home to record some scenes for a movie in which she shared credits with other celebrities such as: Alicia Machado, Itati Cantoral, Paty Manterola Y albert star.

The recordings were normal, and even other celebrities did agree to give some statements to the microphone of the broadcast headed by the journalist. Pati Chapoybut there was a little problem between the press and the production team.

Later, the production made a break for food and took a break, so many moved to the food area, but Lucía decided to walk near there with her assistants and her puppy.

They approached a snack stand and everything was normal, but when they returned to the production tent, the “La Méndez” mascot decided to take a bath in the middle of the avenue.

Users regretted that he behaved like this and that not even his assistants had done anything. Photo: Special.

The puppy was wearing a leash so when he wanted to go to the bathroom he stopped, however the actress was pulling him, so he left poop scattered all over the street, despite realizing the situation he did not want to do anything, for what they left there leaving everything dirty.

This situation was disapproved by the public, so on social networks they regretted that it behaved like this and that its assistants had not done anything to collect the poop that also hinders other passers-by, for which many Internet users branded it “dirty” .

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